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    1:1 proportion

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      in my document i set the screen resolution at ~970 ppi but, when i use CTRL+1 for a 1:1 aspect, i obtain an image of 307mm (measuread with measuring tape) against the 100mm that the PS ruler indicate, so now i have around a 3:1 ratio. How can i fix this thing?

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          Ctrl+1 means zoom 100% . That means 1 image pixel maps onto 1 screen pixel. It has nothing to do with any physical size.



          If you want to preview a printed size on screen - then set your Preferences > Units and Rulers > Screen resolution to the actual resolution of your monitor screen. Then use View > Print Size



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            Rafael Aviles Level 3

            You need to select Print Size from the View menu for this, and you need to make sure that the Screen Resolution in the Units and Rulers section of the Preferences is set properly. To get a true print size on screen, this Screen Resolution value is obtained by dividing the monitor resolution (in pixels) by the actual size of the monitor screen (in inches). Do not use the stated monitor size (because that is usually measured along the main diagonal of the screen). For example, is your monitor’s resolution is given as 2560 x 1440, then if the screen is 23 inches wide, enter 111 (2560/23) in the Screen Resolution field.


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              Rafael Aviles Level 3

              Dave was quicker!