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    Kindle makes frame aroung page

    oksananka Level 1

      Dear professionals,

      help please to solve the problem.


      I've made FXL mobi file and it is displayed perfectly in Kindle Previewer 3 on my computer. But when checking it in KDP Online Previewer, SOME pages have a thin border over margins. All images have the same border too.

      Screenshot 2017-10-23 16.37.12.png

      Screenshot 2017-10-23 16.41.22.png


      When launching preview I got an alert:

      This book contains interactive features that cannot be previewed with KDP Online Previewer. You can use Kindle Previewer 3 to preview this book with its interactive features, or continue previewing without interactive features.

      But I don't have any interactive elements in Indesign document.


      What should I do to remove the borders?


      Thanks a lot.