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    Problems loading pictures into Lightroom CC



      I've decided to use the new lightroom cc over the old lightroom as I like to do all my photo edits in Photoshop rather than lightroom. Yesterday I started adding photos to my MacBook Pro each time adding them to a album. the first 50 pictures loaded ok but then I started getting a warning that I didn't have enough disk space on my hard drive (I had already upgraded to the 1TB cloud account). So I went into the lightroom settings and changed the default setting from 25% to 5% pictures on my hard drive. Lightroom rebooted but nothing happened so I then changed the location of the folder where lightroom stores the pictures on my hard drive to and external hard drive. The warning then went away but the app stopped syncing the remaining 400 pictures that by this time I had added to the lightroom cc app.

      I am now confused what to do next. as all the folders in lightroom cc are there but they are showing zero pictures in them??

      Can someone please tell me what I should try next.............