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    "File must be saved as a copy with this selection" an old problem with no answer?


      I've googled and searched everywhere and I can't find an answer.

      I'm using CS6, still and trying to start a business - designing it's website. Photoshop is CRITICAL!

      I changed an images colour for it's typeface. 6 layers, all text.

      I have tried everything written in the forums, flattening layers, merging layers, saving as a PNG, everything, but nothing works. It doesn't save as a copy, either.

      I've tried creating a new, single layer file. Merged with the background. I've tried tried files that were working perfectly until this morning. This is happening, now, with every file I try.

      Is there a solution? Is there a work round? How can I get back to my development! Can I clear a cache or something?

      The option to upgrade is not currently a possibility as I'm on my survival budget and I can't commit to anything costly in case I fail. I will, just when I can afford it!

      Can anyone get me up and running again?


      I'm using CS6 extended edition, on a Windows 10.1 laptop (far from perfect) 64bit. I'm only creating simple text logos.


      Thanks in advance.