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    Out of memory issue when importing .txt into PDF.

    tobyg14522003 Level 1

      When i try and import a .txt file into a PDF (something I've always been able to do fine) I get an error telling me my computer is Out of memory. The file does not get imported.


      I have tried

      1. Repair of installed software
      2. uninstall - reboot, install - reboot
      3. uninstall, clean wipe, reboot and reinstall.
      4. increase Page File size
      5. obviously the machine has been restarted
      6. Compatibility troubleshooting of windows 10, (i ran in win 8 and 7 mode)
      7. run as administrator

      Has anybody got any other options, because it seems Adobe themselves are not willing to help (I can't find any contact details!)