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    Lightroom Mobile Bug!




      1. Take a picture using the LRM app set to Professional and DNG. Picture looks great with saturated colors. No editing at all.

      2. Press on picture to invoke “previous” and same picture loses significant saturation. Release press on picture does NOT return image to original saturation.

      3. Swipe to next or previous image and back to picture in question and saturation has returned.

      4. Any edits to image in question immediately reduces saturation again.

      5. Sharing unedited original saturation image in question to Mail, Messages, or other app shares desaturated image.

      6.However, Exporting Original from LRM to  Camera Roll preserves saturation.

      7. Issue seems to be related to Lens Correction tool but it doesn’t matter if I have Lens Correction toggled On or Off in LRM settings.


      Otherwise a great app!!!


      Please let me know if you need further details.


      Thank you