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    Backups or rolling back

    AndyBarnes Level 1

      I noticed that if you upload your whole library to the Cloud then there's no easy way to download those images in bulk? Even support suggested going to lightroom.adobe.com and downloading each image individually!


      It got me wondering. If I accidentally delete images, I know - never say never! Those images will be gone from everywhere in the world of sync. So there's no way to then rollback and get back to where you were, as there no concept of backing up images locally and catalogs don't exist anymore.


      I think there needs to be a more robust way to manage this. As even if I locally back up my files (in a normal structure), I'd then have to re-import and the edits would be gone. I don't like the idea that there's no way to properly download your whole library, which essentially ties you into Lightoom, and that it doesn't adhere to any structures that I may want to use. Local original storage in settings, has a folder for each day and then files. Which won't work for everyone.


      At this price it seems like it's got a very confused target audience. As with the lack off clear backup options and local storage it's unlikely semi pro photographers would take it on. Hobbyists would probably still want more control over where/how their images are stored. Amateurs who don't care where/how their images are stored, aren't likely going to want to pay £10 a month for the privilege.