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    Compatibility errors since update


      Howdy! This is my first time on the forums so apologies in advance if I'm missing something vital.


      I updated my Creative Cloud this weekend in addition to Photoshop. I use a MacBook Pro and an iPad Pro. Everything works fine on the laptop, but on the tablet it seems I can no longer use PSD files at all. Last night I saved an illustration assignment to the creative cloud. Before, while Adobe's own iPad apps could never open PSD files, MediBang and ProCreate were able to. Since the update, the assignment appears in my dropbox as a "creative cloud file" rather than a PSD (which is what I saved it as, with maximize compatibility checked, and confirmed it is in fact on my laptop), and creative cloud is under the impression that it's a brush pack. As far as PSDs go it's pretty small, 8mb, and in the past I've loaded files more than twice that size in the iPad apps without an issue. There's nothing fancy in the document at all; no vector shapes, it's only got like 6 layers, it's literally just a black and white sketch.


      I know that the likelihood of suddenly getting PSD support for Adobe's own Sketch and Draw is slim to none, though it would almost entirely eliminate my need for the other two art apps. I'm mostly curious as to what changed about the nature of saving a PSD file, and if there's any way to save in the old format because now, if I airdrop a PSD from my iPad and open it in desktop Photoshop, I can never open it on my iPad again, at least not if I want layers intact. Which was kind of the whole point of saving it as a PSD. If anyone can help me out, I'd appreciate it!