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    A new Photoshop CC 2018 updated, but does not work well?


      After installed Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop opened without tools and photography worksheet. Only menu line was on and the list of last worked photos was on the own list too.

      The photographs lay out worksheet getting right mode, but preference did not remember that next time,

      The main bad point was from folder's files of the photograph could not load to Photoshop at all? Same situation photos sent from Lightroom no opened in Photoshop? Same all files RAW, JPG, PSD


      - GPU enough powerful and upgraded

      - GPU stopped

      - Win 10 upgrated

      - Adobe Camera Raw version 10

      - Preferences original mode

      - Photoshop CC 2018 remove from PC and loaded again

      After all situation was same photographs could not get into Photoshop?

      How do I load old version Photoshop CC 2017 back to my PC?