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    Implement SSO using SAML, CF7, Windows, IIS for a site.It has own login procedure


      I want to implement SAML(Security Assertion Markup Language) using CF 7 for implementing Single Sign On (SSO) solution in our website which has its own login authentication procedure.

      Any suggestions as to which API or lib will suit us. We dont want to get into crazy stuff. We need something that is stable and doesnt need changes in CF environment or IIS or any architecture changes. Basically, we need a windows implementation.

      As mentioned earlier, We want to implement SSO for our site which has its own login authentication procedure. We use CF 7 on Windows Server 2003 with IIS and SQL Server 2000 as the database.

      FYI, SSO helps user to use same credentials to use any application across intranet or an application provided to you by a service provider i.e. a website. Example, you can login using your windows account and be able to use all other applications across the intranet or even internet with the same login credentials, hence the name single sign on.

      Let me know if anyone has done SSO with SAML, CF 7 in windows environment.
      I came across OpenSAML which looks like unix/linux implementation.

      Will OpenSAML work for me?

      Any suggestions for Windows implementation of SSO using SAML?