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    PS 2018 Quick Export As PNG broken




      I recently received the October update of Photoshop which is now Photoshop 2018 v19.0. I am on an enterprise account and a company computer.


      The first day of the new update seemed to go well, aside from some Actions linking to scripts that didn't get moved over from the 2017 folder.


      However today I am noticing what I would consider a critical bug when I am exporting my images.


      Using the Quick Export As PNG save option, it is doing something very unusual under certain circumstances.


      I have reset all my Photoshop settings and preferences after experiencing this issue, but it did not help.


      So allow me to explain the issue here, my job requires me to crop, recrop, resize... etc images to fit size and dimension constraints for our website.


      Sometimes this requires me to position part of the subject off canvas before I quick export as PNG. In the past, this has not been an issue.


      What is happening to me: is anything that is being pushed off canvas before I use Quick Export is pushing white space of the same amount of the subject which was moved off canvas into the opposite direction of the canvas. Now, I know this may sound confusing, so I prepared an example. Unfortunately I can't use subject matter from my job so I chose a giraffe... because who doesn't like giraffes?

      These are the original dimensions of the giraffe PNG (a stock photo generously supplied via google search) BEFORE I resized it to 1000x1000 for an even number.


      I placed a text layer on each image for an understanding of what is going on with each and their dimensions. So, with that being said I shifted the image to each side until it snapped and checked the dimensions, they were still 1000x1000.



      THIS next part is the problem I am having, which is NOT happening on another associate's computer who did not receive the October update for Photoshop 2018.

      If the subject is moved OFF the canvas space, for some reason it seems like Photoshop is creating white space in the opposite direction and not adhering to the canvas size when using Quick Export As PNG.

      Here, I pushed the giraffe down to where the feet are somewhat cut off, and as you can see, Photoshop added white space to the top of the image. It seems to be adding white space in the opposite direction in which you move the image off canvas.


      And here, the same issue is happening in the opposite direction. It is odd, I shifted the image off canvas by 50 pixels, but it resizes in the opposite direction by a different amount.

      Quick Export As PNG has been my go-to option for saving since it is seemingly quicker than other methods, but when things like this happen I cannot continue using it. I have tested this on multiple computers using the last version of Photoshop before the October update and after and only the new update seems to be causing this problem.


      Is anyone else experiencing this issue and if so, found a solution?