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    Lightroom doesnt show the depth effect photos when adding photos

    Nalgaroth Level 1

      Hi everyone,

      thanks to take the time to read  this and hopefully help me.

      I have an iPhone 7 plus which as many of you know has dual camera and one of its advantage is to take portrait pictures with the "depth effect", this is a cool effect but also there is many things you can do on Lightroom with them.

      Before, when you added the photos to lightroom (mobile version) it used to show you the 2 pictures taken, the one with the regular lens and the one with the telephoto lens (which has the "depth effect") and from there you could manipulate your photos.

      Now I don't know why, Lightroom only shows the regular picture (without the effect), I am not really sure what I have to do to see the Picture with the depth effect.


      The funny thing is that in the camera roll in iOS 11 now it just shows you the "depth effect" photo and not the regular one, but Light room just show the regular one and not the "depth effect" one


      Does any one know why is this happening and how to fix it?

      Thanks again