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      Is there a way that I can change the font options within Acrobat?


      Here's what I need to do:

      I want to be able to design something (say, an invitation) in Illustrator, then make it a PDF. From there, make a "form" so people can change/personalize/edit some part of the invite (like date and place).


      It all works well, except that when Im making the text box, and try to change the "appearance", the font list doesn't give me the options Im looking for.

      Let's say I have use a font called "Marcella", I can see that the font is embedded in the document, however, when inserting a text box, and try to change the font in the appearance, the "Marcella" font is not in the option list.


      Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 2.05.14 PM.png


      Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 2.08.09 PM.png


      SO my questions is, is there a way that I can select one of the embedded fonts as the default font when creating a form? Or to add fonts into this list?


      In this case, I did installed the "Marcella" font into the system instead of using the font manager (using Suitcase Fusion), without success.


      Any advice would be much appreciated!