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    Local Storage with Migration From Classic


      When I migrate from Classic to CC how can I consolidate the location of my locally stored files? Right now they are in the folders I had from Classic which I didn't do a really good job of organization, and it seems CC even cares less about folders/directories so it would be nice to clean that up!

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you migrate your Classic catalog to CC, it copies over all the originals from your older catalog to a new (hidden by default) location on your hard disk and then uploads all your images to the cloud. You can set the location for these images in Lightroom CC's preferences and whether you want to store all images locally in addition to the originals now in the cloud. These are organized by a simple year-month-day hierarchy of folders. You can see it in Lightroom CC by going to preferences->Local Storage and clicking on "your local Lightroom CC Files". Note that by default only the most recently accessed images are stored in here. Lightroom dynamically downloads images from the cloud in order to edit.

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            amattas Level 1

            Interesting, I also learned if you go to Lightroom Classic and try to remove the file tree for what you synced it removes it all from LR CC... Now to upload 8000 pictures again.


            I want to use both together in tandem, it seems like the smart thing to do is move all the original Lightroom Classic files off to an external as a backup, and start a new Lightroom Classic Catalog once the upload is done from the migration.


            I'm really curious if deleting from LR CC will also delete the photo from classic?