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    Secure form so end user can fill in, save, and print, BUT NOT alter or view the field properties


      I create forms in Adobe Acrobat DC that have embedded fonts that I've purchased or created for design work.  I am trying to figure out how to put security on them so that the end user (who edits these in Adobe Reader usually) can fill in their own text, save and print BUT NOT be able to alter or view the field box properties. 


      When I have attempted this via the password security settings, it messes up the rest of the document and doesn't allow the end user to save it, or other strange things.


      I know it's possible, I've used documents like this, but I am obviously doing something wrong. I've seen quite a few threads on this subject matter, but they were using different versions, or wanted the end user to not be able to save, but I haven't seen it framed quite like this...hopefully I didn't miss it??


      Thank you in advance.