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    PhotoShop 2018 File Name Copy & Paste Problem

    pjscott51 Level 1

      I'm running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit on both my PC and laptop.

      I have installed the 2018 update on my PC but not my laptop.

      I always save my pictures with the date at the beginning of the file name. Example: 2017-10-19_5D_9060.

      I will copy the date then save the picture. After processing the next picture I'll past the date within the next file name.

      The problem I'm having is I can't paste the date. When I right click where I want to place the date paste is grayed out.

      This wasn't a problem until I update to the current version of PhotoShop and I'm not having this problem with my laptop which I have not updated.

      I've tried uninstalling PhotoShop and reinstalling but no luck.


      Is anyone else having this problem and or how to fix it?