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    Glowing Eyes Effect?

    ethandale Level 1

      So I'm wanting to put some glowing eyes on one of my actors in a scene I'm working on for my studio class. He's wearing a ski mask on, but backwards (so it's just straight fabric covering up his entire face. I want to try and get a glow similar to the glow of the Glint's Gaze mask from Guild Wars 2. Here is a video detailing the effect.


      GW2 Glint's Gaze Mask (500 gems) - YouTube


      The "smoke" coming off of the eyes would DEFINITELY be a plus, but I can imagine how difficult that would be to make in 2D post processing, so if it's too difficult, I just won't worry about it. However, the glowing eyes would certainly add a bit to my scene, especially if I can get it to be a dark and menacing red. I found some tutorials that used a plugin called "Optical Flares," but it's quite expensive, and the final result didn't look that good anyway. Are there any options I can use that won't be super expensive? Thanks in advance!