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    how do you print?


      Ok I have set up the new CC and now need to print for a client and I can't find a print module!  I plus now I can't go back to classic.  What the hell is going on.  If they were not going to let us print maybe that should have been stated up front before migrating!

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          mgsylvestre Level 1

          That was clearly stated.


          Just export the file(s) and print them.

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            robertw98951601 Level 1

            Where was it clearly stated?  I have gone to all the help tutorials and can not find anything.  And from what I have seen online I am not the only one who is having this issue.

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              Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Lightroom CC is not an update to Lightroom 2015/CC. Lightroom Classic is the update to the older lightroom and is what you need if you need to print and most other things you are probably used to. Adobe unfortunately chose to use the name of the old product for a completely new product that is a ground-up reimagining of digital photography but that currently misses 90% of what is in LR Classic. Printing is a biggie that is currently missing. Export to anything but jpeg is missing. export to anything not in sRGB color space is missing, etc. etc. Lightroom CC is great if you want to store all your images in the cloud and have them show up on all your devices. It is not great if you shoot 1000's of images at a time, need to print, etc.


              There are ways around not being able to print like exporting to jpeg or opening in Photoshop and printing from there but they're all kludges. Adobe will undoubtedly add these features in upcoming releases of LR CC but that might be years out.

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