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    Large Thumbnail is Brush Panel


      I have bad eyes and appreciate the fact that I can change the font to Huge and change my thumbnails to Large. The new update seems to have taken this option away in the brush palette. This is horrible!!! I know Adobe now wants up to use their new file system and I appreciate them telling me how to organize my brushes. (which is already done just fine) But, I still need to see the large thumbnail. Am I missing something? Please help, I need this back.

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          There's a slider at the bottom to adjust the thumbnail size.



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            josh@work Level 1

            The slider is great in the Brushes palette, but it would be nice in the Brush Settings palette. The reason is that the way they display them in the Brushes palette is like if you made a stroke with the brush. We need to be able to just see the brush tip shape a lot larger. You can do this in Brush Presets, but only in there. I routinely scroll through my brushes in the Brush Setting palette and try them immediately. Several people have said they are too old or have bad eyes & need them larger - my eyes are fine. Its just that a whole lot of my brushes are textures with small nuances that I need to be able to recognize quickly when scrolling. C'mon Adobe, how about it?

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              josh@work Level 1

              After searching a little more I finally found someone who knew the answer.

              Go to your Brushes palette, in the drop down menu, unselect Brush Name & Brush Stroke (or whatever you want) and leave Brush Tip selected. Then you can use the slider to enlarge the thumbnails of the brush tips!