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    Unable to import Character Animator to After Effects (2018)

    Jerome-G Level 1

      Each and every time an Adobe update goes into effect I become extremely worried because inevitably it does nothing but cause me a great deal of headache and loss of productivity. This time, it seems I can no longer import a Character Animator recording into After Effects 2018 (CC) because that functionality appears to have vanished (script) and any apparent help in rectifying the matter seems to be unavailable. I was not in need of an update and wish that updates were optional or at least come with the ability to be reverted to previous versions without further issue.


      Now that I have voiced my complaint: I have uninstalled/installed the latest versions of both AE and CA but I am still unable to create a dynamic link between the two and the script that used to allow me to import CA to AE is no longer present. It seems I am now left with performing a standard import of CA .png sequences along with the import of the associated .wav files then painstakingly matching them together in AE. If there is a better way to accomplish getting CA (CC) into AE (2018 CC), I am eager to know.