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    Sharing and downloading issue:


      Until the CC update in Lightroom Mobile,  I was able to share collections to my clients and they were then able to download from the collection to their IOS device to share on Instagram with family members etc. The collections or photos in a collection  do not appear to be downloadable as a jpeg to either the desktop or ios device (specifically iPhone) If this is the new policy, it renders

      my business model as untenable using Lightroom. Hopefully my clients and I are missing something here. Any information would be appreciated.



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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This appears to not yet be enabled in Lightroom CC on the desktop and appears to be absent from Lightroom CC on iOS. You have to go to the lightroom web app ( https://lightroom.adobe.com ) and share from there. You'll get the option to enable downloading. Every album you see in Lightroom CC you will see in Lightroom web.

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            timothyf66101897 Level 1

            Jao: The issue is not with me being to download to my desktop because I can with no issues. The issue is with my downstream clients who do not

            Have Lightroom or Lightroom CC  on their phones or PC/MAC. Until the update they were able to save photos from the slideshow/gallery to their phone and post on Instagram.

            They no longer can do it. I have tested with 2 clients resending a link that was a month old and there are no issues downloading to the phone. Any link sent after the update

            Will not download from the customer’s phone /desktop.





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              Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I understand. They changed something so that you now have to explicitly allow downloading. They only have an interface for this on the web interface. Simply go to your album in the web interface to Lightroom CC. Log on and navigate to your album. Click on Share -> Share this album. Then enable downloading:Untitled.jpeg

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