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    CC no longer working


      Hi.  i have been successfully using Creative Cloud for around 6 months on the Photographer's Plan. My usage has been predominantly Lightroom.

      But after I did the updates today neither Photoshop or Lightroom worked. I tried uninstall/reinstall of both LR and PS but this did not work. I also, acting on advice from the support chat folk, uninstalled/reinstalled Creative Cloud itself.  Now, when I try to access Lightroom I get a message telling me there is an unexpected error opening catalogue.  Photoshop gives me absolutely nothing at all. 


      I have tried using one of the backup catalogues (using info from a website) but it still gives me the unexpected error message.


      I am using CC on a pc with Windows 10. 


      Can anyone assist here?  I have been waiting to get back through to the chat support for well over an hour.


      Please let me know if any other details are needed.