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    Learning Interactions script

    Mike@MTS Level 1
      Using learning interactions components to create question and answer session at the end of a lesson.
      I need to get at the interaction tracking values for each Q&A which will be used elsewhere.

      I have found some Macromedia documentation :

      Tracking properties available in the SessionArray
      The property names references standard interaction tracking values for both AICC and SCORM LMS. You can retrieve an interaction’s properties by referencing its location in the following command:

      For example, to reference the interaction_ID value for interaction #1, you would use this command:

      To reference the result value for interaction #2, you would use this command:

      I am not great with actionscript so can anyone help. I need to get the information read into a text field.
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          Are you trying to assign the value from the array: SessionArray[0].interaction_ID to your variable qresult?

          If so, you're using the wrong operator symbol. "==" is a comparison operator (it tests to see if something is equal to something else and returns a "true" or "false")

          To assign the value you'd do this: qresult = SessionArray[0].interaction_ID; (note the single "=")

          Then you can load the value of qresult into your text field in a separate function called from your button event handler.
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            Mike@MTS Level 1
            Hi Frank,

            Thanks for responding.
            As I've said I am really a novice here and a bit out of my depth, could I send you the file to look at? Its a single frame quiz chosen from the Flash templates. Would be extremely grateful if you could help.