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    I really wanted to love LR CC, but...

    GuitarManDave Level 1

      I've been a longtime LR user - since V1. I watched as Adobe started introducing "cloud" features over the past few years but felt their offering wouldn't suit my needs. I was really excited when I heard about LR CC - it seemed, and seems, exactly what I'm looking for.


      While I think the overall architecture and approach to a cloud-based repository is spot-on, there are just WAY too many missing features. For example - the ability to change the capture date on pictures is vital. Not all my photos come with proper metadata and the ability to modify ALL metadata attributes is fundamental to any organizational system. Also - I actually like and use the "people" feature in LR classic where it uses facial recognition to identify people in pictures. Is it perfect? No but it's workable and I assumed Adobe would be improving this feature over time since competitive products (Google, Apple) offer similar, indeed better, functionality. In LR CC, I see my "People" tags have survived migration to the cloud  - I can search for people and the metadata for images shows the list of people tags. However this list is UNEDITABLE! I can see no way to kickoff facial recognition scanning on new photos and no way to change "people" tags on existing photos. They basically killed the feature entirely! And being able to search by name is nice but that requires that I remember a person's name or what name I used to tag them. Sometimes I need to see a list of the names I've used and how many photos are associated with each.


      These are but a few examples of missing features in LR CC. I'm hopeful that Adobe will improve the product and restore some of this pretty basic functionality. Indeed, if they gave me a list of which features were absent but promised to restore and, ideally, a timeframe for releases I'd be willing to remain a subscriber and wait. But I see no indication of their willingness to be forthright, so I'll have to cancel my subscription and hope they eventually bring LR CC to reasonable functional parity with LR classic. Of course, in the mean time if another product tempts me away from LR they may never regain my business.