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    Why has Photoshop CS6 for Mac suddenly lost a loop forever option, when saving for Web?

    True to form Level 1

      Hello, experts. Yesterday, I practiced making a video animation. It was a simple word— Photoshop, done in 3D, and made to rotate. After making this video file by using the Timeline, I saved it to the Web in the usual way. The window that opened for the settings took a long time to open, but when it did, I was able to select, with regard to looping: Forever. I did this with another file, and was able to save it as a gif, like the first one.


      When I came to make yet another file, and came to saving for the web (I don't really want to put these files on the Web — I just want to save the gif files on my computer), the option to Loop Forever was dimmed out — the only option available was "Once", which is no good for what I want to to.


      All the files were of the same size, and I reduced the pixel size in the Save For Web settings to 500 X 500, to make the files smaller. By the way, the Save For Web window now opens at once, unlike the times when it was opened at first, with the successful savings as gif files.


      My question is: why has the loop forever option been lost, and (more importantly) how can it be restored? I have tried throwing out the Photoshop Preferences in Photoshop CS6 Settings folder, and cannot think of anything else that might restore the facility.


      With thanks to anyone that can advise me,

      T.T. F.