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    3d Camera Track Error CC 18


      I cannot get this shot to track..I keep getting not able to solve camera error.


      This is the clip that I cannot get to track..seems pretty basic to me?

      Any thoughts?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don’t have time to try it but I’d duplicate your footage layer, mask out the actor, pre-compose the top copy and camera track the pre-comp with no actor in the shot. The hole should not foul up the tracking, the actor probably is. If you get a good camera track, then set an origin and ground plane, add your reference solids, then turn off the pre-comp and move on. If you can’t get a good track try adding some color correction or other effects to the original footage in the pre-comp to give you some more detain in the shot.


          If that does not work let us know. I may take a look at your shot later this morning.

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            BrianMPG Level 1

            That did the trick thanks a bunch!!!!