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    Cloud Storage


      How do I define which cloud storage I use to store my photo's on? I have 500GB stored on one-drive which I get as part of my O365 subscription. Adobe give me 20GB or want me to pay more for 1TB I don't feel the need to pay for two lot's of cloud storage.



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          bitm07 Level 2

          That would deny Adobe $10 a month, so unsurprising there is no third party storage option.

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            99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Lr CC is a fully integrated ecosystem across all computers and devices. Photos added to Lr Cc are managed automatically with all originals backed up in the cloud. Lr CC cannot use One Drive or other cloud services; so you would need to choose manually which service to use.

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              PhilBurness Level 1

              Or it could cost them a lost subscribers (i.e. -$10/month) if Macphun, or others offer storage options. iCloud storage in the UK is £6.99 for 2TB.

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                PhilBurness Level 1

                Surely that's anti-competitive and possibly illegal in some countries - or perhaps should be..

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                  Victoria Bampton LR Queen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Anti-competitive? Dropbox don't let you use their software to sync across other people's servers... Apple Photos uses Apple's own servers...  It's just an integral part of their service.

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                    PhilBurness Level 1

                    Perhaps a good reason for not using Dropbox or Apple photo's either...


                    Unless I'm missing something - which I admit is possible, it seems for me to continue using LR CC as my photo editor I would need to move some or all of my 500GB of photo's across to the 'Adobe cloud', probably or definitely breaching the 20GB limit and therefore causing additional and unnecessary expense in Adobe's favour (as I'm already paying for storage elsewhere). In this case it could possibly be argued that they are using their market dominance to enforce compliance for financial gain.


                    Remember the 'only slightly different' Microsoft £480m EU fine for market dominance where their web browser was the default choice for windows? I think they learnt from this with office 365 in so much as their software (word, excel, etc.) will work across multiple devices iPad, PC, Mac etc., with documents stored in multiple formats (open doc, html, xml format etc.), across any location (onedrive, icloud, google drive, local drive etc.), in any browser (edge, chrome, firefox). It's the last section that's interesting in this example as Adobe already comply with the former two.


                    I am in no doubt this has been considered by Adobe's impressive legal capability and so from a legal position is watertight, and hence it is a commercial decision to force this route and therefore in my opinion less palatable. Perhaps this is the reason why they have kept the Lightroom Classic option?


                    Of course, we always have a choice of whether we use or don't use Lightroom CC while Classic is available or even use Adobe at all, but the approach to lock you into their own cloud I feel is a step backwards in my trust of Adobe and (possibly abuse of) their market position, which some could argue anti-competitive.


                    Back to Dropbox and Apple, two or more wrongs don't make a right..

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                      I am a new Lightroom CC user, and am somewhat outraged by Phil's situation summary from Oct. '17.  Has any progress been made on this issue?


                      MEANWHILE, WHAT'S THE WORK-AROUND?


                      Is it possible to access only actively-working photos from iCloud or other locations?

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                        JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        One CHOICE would be to use Lightroom Classic CC instead and share collections of your choice. Those collections would be smart previews and would NOT count against any cloud storage. You could add and delete collections as you found it necessary. But as I said, that would be your choice. If Lightroom CC is a better choice of programs for you then this solution is probably not a viable one.

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                          seaado123 Level 1

                          I already subscribed to Lightroom CC. And, I’d like to learn the new version. Can I simply download the photos I’m actively working on?