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    flash player 27 crashed on IE11 WIN7SP1


      after installing the latest version of flash player ,turnning and closing tabs became very slow,sometimes even "iexplore.exe" halted or it shows "运行不正常的加载项或恶意加载项导致 Internet Explorer 关闭此网页",(sorry i'm a chinese,not ware of what it should be in english).

      the os is win7sp1(simplified chinese) , re-installed with the MSDN original ISO file , just updated ie to version 11 , without any hotfix or external sofiware.

      in order to prove the problem was caused by flash player 27 , i also try the original ie8 and ie10 ,but the issues still.

      finally i have no idea but to install the older version 26 which ran very compatibly!

      have ADOBE realized this issues?hope it'll be solved quickly!