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    Best route forward - Evolving from DPS/Content Viewer

    thom@Moog Level 1

      Since it's creation, my group had used the Digital Publishing Suite and Adobe Content Viewer to support several interactive iPad presentations within our company. Since they have become too problematic to maintain as we had in the past, I'm looking for a path forward with the rest of CC. There's been requests for these presentations to work on desktop, web, and PC driven touchscreen, things that the Content Viewer couldn't do. Another group in the company a few years ago, had a presentation created to reside on the touchscreen as an .air file.


      What I'm looking for is what I should be looking at to rebuild and publish these presentations? They currently use the functionality of the Content Viewer to present rendered 3D model turntables, video, pdfs. If there's a way to publish to work offline as well as contained on a website, that would be a plus.