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    CC confusion: help me out here . . .

    David J Swift

      I subscribe to the full CC license, paid annually. My photos are created in two realms:

      • professional shoots, 20-50gb wads of files in a typical day's shoot
      • fun-phone-point'n'shoot snapshots & folderol


      The pro work will continue as-is, catalogued via LR Classic on arrays of local drives. Efficiency in the cloud won't be happening too soon.


      Meanwhile, I am still looking for a way to organize the thousands of snapshots accumulated over the years. Biking, climbing, skiing, travel, parties, goofy moments -- the stuff that accumulates on phones and point'n'shoots that seldom get further attention.  This stuff goes back 15 years. They are clogging my laptop, awaiting serious organization in the dream-world promise of The Cloud.


      I've tried Apple Photos and Google Photos but neither come close to delivering the efficiency and ease as promised. And they're slowwwww.


      So I want to try LR CC for those snapshots. IOW I'll deploy both apps: Classic for real work, Cloudy for snapshots. I need to know the following:


      1. If I install the new LR CC, will it delete my existing LR app? (Not ready to commit to latest Lr/Ps pending the usual unhappy surprises.)


      2. Can I use both CC and Classic side by side, each defaulting to a different .lrcat?


      3. How much Adobe cloud storage do I have by default?


      I tried looking up this info. Forgive me if I gave up the search too soon.