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    New LightRoom CC


      I have tried the new lightroom cc with 1tb of cloud space and I was very disapointed about it.


      Should have been called LightRoom Elements (as a lookback to the old Photoshop elements  product).


      This version does not answer serious photographers. Looked to be aimed for beginners.


      Althought the basic idea is good, I was especting full LightRoom CC Classic functions sacrifying Photoshop CC in return of 1 tb of cloud space.


      It is mainly a photo library software with some retouching habilities. No print module at all, no map at all, no photo merge, no hdr....


      Will there be a next version of this with complete funcionnality ?

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          Victoria Bampton LR Queen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes, it may not be THE next version. It'll continue to grow rapidly over the next few months and years.

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            mrvco Level 1

            Lightroom CC is certainly a work in progress and does not replace what is now referred to as Lightroom Classic CC.  It definitely make a good start in addressing the clunky cloud integration of Lightroom Classic CC.


            Assuming the updates (bug fixes and new features) justify the price somehow...  my single biggest complaint is this requirement that ALL of my photos be stored in expensive cloud storage with no option to leverage existing cloud storage options that I may already be paying for for other uses.  My second biggest complaint is the lack of a perpetual license option going forward to hedge against the inevitable, Lightroom Classic CC being replaced outright by Lightroom CC.


            I'm an enthusiast at best and make zero money from photography on any level.  By requiring cloud storage for 100% of my library, Lightroom CC makes the preposterous assumption that every photo I take is as valuable as the next and worth paying to store in the 'cloud', whether that image file be RAW or JPEG format.  This most assuredly is not the case and never will be unless I insert a photo library management tool between my camera and Lightroom CC, which of course means that Lightroom CC becomes superfluous.  The last thing I want are two discrete library management tools and workflows (sequential or otherwise), the one with a monthly fee that shows up on my credit card each month will of course be the first to go.


            I already have a back-up strategy for my computer systems (including photographs) that includes both local back-ups (Time Machine) and system back-ups in the cloud (currently evaluating options post-Crashplan).  I have no need for a third permanent back-up of my image library.  Lightroom CC's cloud storage doesn't obviate the need for either of my current system backup methods, nor does it leverage them in any way.


            Again, assuming the bug fixes and new features justify the monthly cost of the Lightroom CC application, what I would need from Lightroom CC for it to be viable in the future is the ability to store original image files locally with the option to choose what images to store and share in the cloud.  I'd also like the option to selectively store my images in the cloud as JPEG (for review / sharing) or RAW (backup while traveling) as desired.


            Obviously Adobe is keeping Lightroom Classic CC around for now, but if past events are any indication of what the future holds, then Lightroom Classic CC will be EOL in a handful of years and replaced by Lightroom CC outright.  At least continuing to offer the Lightroom Classic CC perpetual license would be a reasonable hedge for Adobe's customers going forward, but that quits being an option at the end of 2017.

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