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    Photoshop CC 2017 no longer able to set as default app

    littlelili Level 1

      After watching a tutorial on the refine brush tool for masking, it was advised to use photoshop 2015 since you can have parallel installs. I am working on a PC with Windows 10. Since installing 2015 I cannot set Photoshop 2017 as a default for anything, it is not even an oprtion. I can only select from the windows app store. I am guessing this s a registry fix so I am hoping someone can direct me to that edit.




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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          I no longer have many versions of Photoshop Installed for window 10 Preview build Green screened and I had to install Windows 10 to get my machine working.   So all my application needed to be installed.  So I decided to only install the version of Photoshop that I had installed that I felt were useful to have.  I did not install CS2, CS3, CC, CC 2015, CC 2015.5 and CC 2017.   I installed CS6, CC 2014 and CC 2018 to test.  I use CC 2014.  However,  installing CC 2018 changed many file type association to CC 2018, and made CC 2018 the default Photoshop application.   I use Regedit to change Windows Photoshop.exe key shell commands Edit and open from CC 2018 back to CC 2014.  I also change some File Type extension from CC 2018 to CC 2014. Either using Windows 10 settings or from windows explorer "open with" and "chose other application" where  I checked the Always check box.


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            Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

            Hi RL,


            Please rename the app "Photoshop.exe" to "PhotoshopCC2018.exe" and let us know if that helps.