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    Video support in Lighroom CC?


      I just tried uploading a folder with various video formats (.mp4, .avi. .mov) on a Windows 10 PC into an album on the new Lightroom CC. NONE of them imported.  The import error dialog indicated the formats were not supported.  When I tried uploading one of exact same files (.mp4) using the web version in Chrome, it uploaded successfully.

      -I can’t find any clear information of what video formats, if any, are supported. your assistance with finding out is appreciated.

      -Is there a bug with batch uploading videos into an album on Lightroom CC, Windows 10 version?

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I’ve uploaded mp4 files successfully, though I prefer to do it one at a time as these larger files take some time to reach the cloud. There is no video editing in Lr CC but you can view them. They are also automatically sync’d to the Lr web app which means I can play them in a browser on my Android tablet as playback support is currently only available on iOS.