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    Resizing to fit Instagram


      Hi I want to resize a photo so it fits instagram without having to instasize it (add a background etc)


      Instagram posts can be square or portrait (to a degree) or in between.

      Square is 1240x1240

      Portrait is 1080x1350


      My photo is 1676x2868 which means that the top or the bottom of the photo gets cropped out (the width is ok)

      How could I get my photo to fit within the constraints without cutting out part of the photo or morphing the current photo?


      I have attempted to place the photo onto a canvas with more height which partly worked and cut off less of the head and feet however I then placed it onto a canvas with even more height and it did not show more of the original photo?


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Use Fit image to resize your image into the instagrams constraints,. Fit landscapes to 1240 by 1240 and portraits to 1080 x 1350.


          Menu File>Automate>Fit Image..


          With three actions you could batch the process.




          Conditional Action to test image orientation play FitLanscape or play FitPortrait.


          You would batch the continual action.  You could also add an Canvas size step the two fit image actions to add canvas so all all fitted landscapes would be square 1240x1240 but have borders top and bottom.  All portraits will be 1080x1350 with boarders one opposite sides. Recording the Canvas size step is a bit tricky for you will need to force Photoshop the record both width and height in the step's settings. For the fit image would have resize the image to the correct width or height.  You need to stop recording make the side with the correct size the wrong size then resume recording and add the canvas size step so both dimensions will be recorded into the action step.