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    Local Storage options - does it actually do anything?

    wizbongre Level 1

      I've been playing with both updated Lightroom Classic CC and new Lightroom CC installs across my various machines/devices, trying to get a workflow that suits me.  This has involved test/dummy catalogs and photo's to help me figure out the approach that works best for me.


      A key thing is that I have a main machine where I plan to use LR Classic CC and have my photo's on an attached external hard drive as my local master.  Once imported into a catalog (which has been migrated to LR CC) I expect them to sync up between Classic, CC and mobile apps.  This appears to happen ok and will allow me to work on my photo's whilst away from home with a different laptop.


      However, I have limited disc space on my the travel laptop on the C drive (Windows 10 for info) so set both LR Classic CC and LR CC to use a custom local storage on my expanded D drive (1Tb).  This doesn't appear to have made a difference - even with this custom local storage option set, all of my local information is still in the default folder under my users path on the C drive.


      This is annoying on two fronts:

      1. I can't successfully migrate my main catalog from LR Classic CC to LR CC as the migration uses the C drive
      2. I don't want to use up the precious space on my C drive as it will slow everything else down


      So, what's the point of the Local Storage option in LR CC and LR Classic CC?!