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    Maximum File Size

      Is there a maximum size that your Director 11 file should be kept under?

      Is there a maximum number of cast members that you Director 11 file should be kept under?
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          No and no.

          That being said, it's worth considering performance and optimisation.
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            UdoGre Level 1
            Hi b,

            You should "save and compact" your source file from time to time, but this does not affect the size of the final dcr/dxr/exe. Depending on your project, you could consider splitting it apart, or using some external casts.
            You should be aware that bitmaps get expanded in memory and can get fairly large, no matter how they are compressed in the file.
            The maximum number of cast members in a cast is, for me, limited by how long it takes for me to find one of them ;-) You can organize everything in several internal and/or external castlibs.
            For loading optimization, look up "stub projector". You can keep everything (xtras, castlibs, additional movies) out of the projector, speeding up startup with a slightly larger project. All files in the projector get compressed, but have to be decompressed at startup. You can see them in your temp folder when the movie runs.