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    iMac's fans are running very fast using LR CC or Classic



      I'm using LR CC and Lightroom Classic and at the moment I'm uploading my library (85'000 Pictures) to the Cloud for the LR CC....when I scroll in LR CC my newest iMac Retina (SSD HD, 32 GB RAM, i7 Core...) is starting the fan running at 2700 rpm.....when i look into the apple activity protocol, the Adobe Lightroom CC Helper uses between 400-500% of CPU...the same is when I'm scroll in the pictures of the Lightroom Classic, the CPU usage goes up to 300-500% of CPU.....

      not the helper, but the program......


      is this normal? do anyone of you have the same issue.....


      Kind regards

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          I have a mac pro with 16GB of Ram. It usually operates silently and cool. Since I installed lightroom CC (the new product) and started the synchronisation process with my near 1TB of data, my CPU has been maxing out at 100%, lightroom CC freezes, my mouse becomes jerky,  the fan is running fast and noisy and the case (above the keyboard) is hot to touch.

          I'm  concerned that the CPU load of 100% for hours at a time may burn something out. Any guidance on how long the sync process will take?

          Regards ... Alastair