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    Google Tag Manager - Click Tracking


      Hi Everyone,


      I am building a website for a client that wants to be able to track how many people click on links (to other websites) from his site. I already have Google Analytics tracking on the site and know that to track specific "Events" (clicks) I need to install Google Tag Manager. After searching the forums, I have successfully installed Google Tag Manager using the widget by J-26 (Google Tag Manager | Trackers | Free Adobe Muse Widget ).


      I think everything is successfully installed as I can view the site in the GTM "Preview" mode. However, I have been following along on several tutorials to see how I need to set-up Google Tag Manager to track specific clicks on the site and I can't get anything to work.


      Does anyone have any great tutorials I can watch or advice? Is there something different than needs to be done in Muse to make it work? Any advice would be helpful.


      Thank you!