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    LRCC Crippled on Apple TV 4K and 4K TV

    thomasnash Level 1

      Since I am on a roll today getting things answered, here is another one - maybe more of a feature request.


      4K TVs combined with Apple TV 4K are excellent ways to present images in high resolution and high quality large color spaces. However, it appears that Lightroom CC on Mac, iOS and the AppleTV apps are crippled in their ability to show 4K images and large color gamuts.


      Apple's Photos app is capable of doing this properly and shows full resolution images (not so sure about gamut). I can export from LR a high resolution high gamut jpg file and import to Photos. This will then show up at high resolution in the Apple TV Photos app. One can also use airplay from an iOS device running Photos and that will be high resolution.


      LRCC mobile does not support airplay so that route to high resolution is unavailable. The LR Apple TV app only uses limited resolution smart previews and only with color profile SRGB. The difference in resolution is quite apparent.


      Have I missed something? If not, consider this a feature request:


      Please implement airplay in LRCC Mobile for iOS


      Please allow for full originals to download (in a defined color profile) to the LR app for Apple TV 4K.