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      Hello! How can I upload presets into Lightroom CC? I have tried to upload a couple, but it isn't working. I need help if anyone knows what I can do to add presets (that I have purchased) into Lightroom CC. Thank you:)

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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That option is not yet available in LR CC. You can manually adjust your own presets and save them but bringing in external presets is not yet supported.

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            pschefz Level 2

            you can bring in external presets....when you go to the presets in LR CC there is an option to show folder (or something like that)...on mac it is in the library/application support/adobe/....

            just find the installed presets from the old LR and copy them in that folder, they will show up in LR CC and you can use them....

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              mackp14847639 Level 1

              Do you know if that will be an option in the near future? Or do you think I should go to Lightroom v. 6 instead? Where I know I will be able to upload presets that I have bought. And thank you!

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                pschefz Level 2

                did you read my reply?

                if you don't believe me, this has been posted several times here......

                you CAN use all your old presets....you just have to manually copy them to the LR CC folder (the folder where they are supposed to go)

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                  mackp14847639 Level 1

                  Okay. I tried it and it worked. So how come the gentleman above said that it is not supported yet? Now I have to decide if I want to keep Lightroom CC or get v. 6 of Lightroom Classic.

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                    pschefz Level 2

                    unfortunately this forum seems to be full of misinformation presented with authority....but then again so i adobe tech support when you contact them directly:)

                    it is unfortunate that so much about this release is not explained and described well by adobe....

                    the bad thing about presets in LR CC (for now at least) is that they can only be applied to a single image at a time....no applying presets at import and no selecting a group of images and syncing settings/looks/presets.....

                    just looking at the response this has received here and everywhere else i am hoping this will be taken care of sooner then later....maybe it will be introduced along with bringing presets into LR mobile.....

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                      mackp14847639 Level 1

                      Okay. I totally understand you haha. I kind of feel that it would be best if I got the classic version of lightroom. I learned on that format. Thank you so much for your help! You have helped me so much making up my mind! Sorry for all of the comments and confusion:)