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    Automatically updated cross-references usable in printed documentation?

      I am new to RH and will have to convert large documents created in Word to HTML + PDF. I have already given up on RH for Word (RH Word v7 + Word 2007 crashes very often on Vista and is far too slow) and will use RH HTML, and I am prepared to do extensive manual editing, and to change the visual appearance of documents if necessary. The help system is going to be updated frequently, and references to other parts of the document should update automatically when the contents are edited.

      My main problem at this stage is how to create and maintain the internal references to other parts of the same document, which is done in Word with auto-numbered chapters, sections and figures. Online HTML is not a problem, and Word references can be changed to HTML links. Presumably this could work also in online PDF. The problem is printed PDF, where hyperlinks obviously do not work.

      The Word documents use references like (see section 2.5) and ( Figure 4.2), which are hyperlinks in the online version and can be followed manually in the printed version. How do I do this progressive numbering in RH HTML so that it updates automatically when chapters, sections and figures are inserted, deleted or shuffled? If this is not possible at all (as I suspect) how do I do something usable in the PDF output, e.g. converting hyperlinks to something like (see page 213), with the page number updated automatically to correspond to the actual position of the target in the PDF document?