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    Running a game projector from the network, slow loading

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      Dear All,

      I have an MU server that also contains the projector files on its hard drive (projector1.exe and so on). I login on another machine on the network (wireless network) and run the projectors remotely (//MUserver/games/projector1.exe)

      The projectors have all the linked casts included in the exe (graphics and so on) and the casts are set to preload in memory before frame 1.

      When I run the projector from the workstation it starts ok but when is time to load some graphic files from one of the casts it takes something like 3-5 seconds.

      My question is, does the workstation copy the entire exe in memory from the remote server before running it? If so it should load the graphics before frame 1 and not during the game? is there any way to force the projector to be put into the workstation's memory to avoid this dealy? Any ideas/suggestions greatly appreciated.

      Thank you

      P.S: I have multiple workstations running at once (each one has its own unique projector)