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    Trouble with Transformation tools


      First of all sorry for my bad English.

      I have a quite complicated art in Animate CC. When I selecting together all elements of this art and trying to transform it via envelope transformation tool or free transform tool part of parts of this art just erasing. Sometimes background, sometimes lines. When I transforming this art in to symbol or raster image those "free transform" and "envelope" just disappear. What I have to do? What I'm doing wrong? I really need to transform it via envelope and make a good animation.



      UPD: Also I noticed this problem in Flash Professional CS6 and CC.

      UPD2: Also after transforming via free or envelope tools some parts just taking colour of adjacent elements. For example background taking colour of adjacent lines.


      Сообщение отредактировано: Nikita Bystrov


      Сообщение отредактировано: Nikita Bystrov