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    Forcing a data refresh / overriding the cache

    Developer504 Level 1
      Ok having resolved one issue with how my data was being accessed, I still have another as I suspected.

      I have a simple app which displays a dashboarding control based on data from an XML file.

      When I run my app in developer mode, I can make a change to the data in my XML file and immediately see changes in my dashboarding control every time I hit refresh, or click on a button I put on to renew the HTTPService call.

      But when I deploy the app on a virtual Server (using IIS) it ignores any changes I make unless I close my browser (IE) and re-open it. In the latter case i do see the changes made to the data.

      How can I force IIS to refresh the display or override the cache?

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          ntsiii Level 3
          If the browser sees an url that is identical to one it has placed in the cache, it will use the local data instead of calling the server again.

          Do something like this:
          private function getMydata():void {
          MDATA.url = "/myPath.myXML.xml" + "?bogus=" + new Date().time;

          That makes the Url unique, and the browser will call the server.

          Note, the Flash Player, uses the browsers HTTP functionality.