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    Blank Composition Lightbox won't close after clicking links within




      I'm creating a single-page site in which my top nav links, once clicked, will scroll down to a section of the website. I'm having some trouble with making the site responsive. At a small page width I swapped out my horizontal site nav with a "hamburger-style" menu that is made with a blank composition widget that has its position in "lightbox". Once the hamburger button is clicked, the lightbox fades in and the navigation pops up, like so:


      Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 5.54.55 PM.png


      If you click one of those links the site scrolls like it should, but the lightbox does not close. Additionally if you click the X or outside of the lightbox it disappears, but it also snaps back to the top.




      FYI I'm using the 2018.0 release. I saw another thread with this question for the 2017 release but it didn't actually have a real answer although marked as answered. Thanks.