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    cannot open my book on a different computer with the same adobeID


      Maybe that is a silly question but I have went through FAQ shared by adobe and found no clear answer how the adobeID and uuid works... To give some background: my AdobeID is authorised on two different computers (win7 and win10) and on each the same account have a different urn:uuid which prevents me from opening my book (in mean time I had to reset my adobeID password and both machines have different version of ADE installed 3.0 and 4.5 - not sure if this is crucial info here). So my questions is:


      Is it normal that a different uuid is assigned to the same adobeID on each computer? Are the ebooks sold and then assigned only for one computer? If that is true I will ask for a refund because on the vendor page it was clearly stated that with ADE I will be able to read the book on multiple devices/computers...