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    PS 2018 droplet issue

    bellevue scott Level 1

      I just installed PS 2018. As soon as I did that I tried to continue my work flow, which includes using droplets. I took at tif file and dragged it onto one of my droplets, and the droplet opened GIMP of all things (I keep it for a few obscure things I won't go into). I check to see that PS 2018 was the default for file type tif, and it is. Still, every time, with all image files, my droplets try and open GIMP. Then I opened PS 2018 and ran a droplet again. It turns out that when PS 2018 is open, that the droplet works, when it's closed, droplets try and open GIMP.


      Then I reinstalled 2017 (2015.5) along side PS 2018 because 2018 has an issue with the healing brush being super slow that was so bad I couldn't keep working. Next time I used a droplet, it opens PS 2017.


      MAC OS 10.12.6


      Any input apprecieated. Thanks.