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    How to rollback Animate 2018 to


      Hi all,


      Recently I upgraded my AnimateCC version to 2018 for experiment with the Publish changes.


      Now I wanted to rollback to a compatible version with our application, ie. AnimateCC However I only see CC (2017) version 16.5.1 and other versions, if I choose Install by default, it will install Animate 2018.


      Does any one know how can I rollback to Animate


      Thanks much!


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          jkjond Level 1

          Sorry, I've no idea, but Adobe NEEEED to allow upgrades to leave the previous version in tact so that it is easy to simply deinstall the new version and revert. Adobe are using us to beta test half baked upgrades. I don't mind that so long as they charge us less for the privilege and reverting to on the old tried and tested version is no effort at all.

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            Preran Adobe Employee

            Hi Trieu,


            The Thor application lists only the major releases for a product to avoid overcrowding. What application does Animate have to be compatible with on your computer? Doesn't 16.5.1 work for you?




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              Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              I was going to say something similar, but look at the entries for version 15, there are three different versions that you can install. Why doesn't that work for version 16?


              Can you tell us what "Thor" is?

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                trieutruong Level 1

                Hi Preran,


                We have a canvas application using multiple exports with 'lib' in Symbol field (under Publish Settings). When publishing, new movie clips are created from the 'lib' global namespace.


                It appears that from Animate CC 16.5.1, Publish command is not taking the field into account anymore. I can try to get the Symbol from  AdobeAn.compositions[some_random_numbers].getLibrary(), but it does not seem to be legit because of those random key after publishing.


                I had this question a few months ago (Namespace issues when publishing HTML5 Canvas) whilst Colin was providing help to another person (if Colin recalled :)).


                Therefore we have decided not to adapt version 16.5.1 (or 18) until we have a clearer picture of what we can do with the new implementation (AdobeAn.compositions and etc).


                The upgrade without the ability to get back to previous version puts pressure on us from dev team, because we have to make our application work again in short time. In the meantime, we freeze a separate machine with version for Publishing.


                Hope you could give us more insight. Thanks!

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                  Preran Adobe Employee

                  I understand. I suggest getting in touch with Adobe Customer Care Contact Customer Care  to see if they have that build to share with you.




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