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    Photoshop CS3 re-activation failed. Please help.


      URGENT! - Longtime user of Photoshop (since the early 90s). Bought and paid for PS CS3 and it does everything I need, until last week, when a window appeared when I launched PS and said "Temporary Activation" You have 4 days to re-activate this software." Apparently, Adobe is letting the servers that supported older versions die and activation becomes invalid.

      They offer a solution, you type in your original product serial number and they issue you a new serial number which supposedly doesn't require activation. I followed every step at least three different times, uninstalling the old, restarting, downloading the new version, restarting, installing, restarting... everything.

      The same message appears when I launch the new version and there is no valid option but to quit it. Any ideas? I REALLY don't want to subscribe to the Creative Cloud Photoshop as I already paid hundreds of dollars for the software when I purchased it. It should still work. But it doesn't. I run a photography business and this is sucking a LOT!