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    Darker lines In Export Preview Window And On Export


      I'm pretty sure I'm posting this in the correct place, forgive me if I'm not. I have never posted to the forums.


      For the past few months I have had a problem with my line work being darker on export (at least twice as dark as original) And I noticed yesterday that it also shows up this dark in the "Export As" preview window before I export. I have been through many similar forum posts and discussions to no avail. My monitor is calibrated (Cintiq 27 HD) and my color profiles for my system and Photoshop are matched up to be the same (sRGB). I make game assets and currently all assets look alright in game (just darker, more bold) Istill think this isn't right, when I do commissioned sketches or art it can be a huge problem as I don't really know how dark I am drawing and will look too dark when I send it to clients. I have read in other forum posts that un-checking "Desaturate Monitor Colors By 20%" can fix this kind of issue for other users, but for me I get the opposite. If I check this box line work darkness matches the preview window and export darkness which is fine, but this fades out colors which I cannot work with either, default this was un-checked. The picture below shows the issue, the one in the preview window on the right is twice as dark and that's also how it looks when I export, the one on the left is the original drawing in Photoshop. In the past I have noticed having the original background layer can double darkness as well but I just delete that at project start, but.. I still get double darkness on export and in "export as" preview window.

      I would be grateful for any help as this has been driving me nuts...


      To note,

      This picture was captured with "Desaturate Monitor Colors By 20%" un-checked and I'm working in RGB 16 bit mode. I have also tried a clean install, all video drivers are up to date. Windows 10 64bit




      Darker Preview.png